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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A little bit of spring

 I am tired of gray days.

 I'm tired of being cold.

I'm tired of the garden being bare.

So here is a little bit of spring while we wait for sunshine, warm days, and green gardens.

This is at Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring. Brookside is a great place to wander for an afternoon, especially when they have their butterfly exhibit in the conservatory.

These pansies were on our deck.

 The rest of these pictures are in Williamsburg. Somehow in all the times we had been there, we never went in the spring. I corrected that last spring when I spent two days in Williamsburg with my daughter and her roommate. We found a number of flower filled gardens to explore and photograph. As we wandered between gardens through back gates we didn't always know if we were still in public areas. No one chased us out, so we kept going.

This was a peaceful place to sit and watch people out on the street.

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