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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A mother's value

I came across a book a few weeks ago that I hadn't read in a while. (With hundreds of books in our bedroom alone, that happens often.) A Mom Just Like You, written by Vickie Farris, is an encouraging glimpse into what homeschooling and parenting look like in the Farris family. It reminded me why we are homeschooling and of the ultimate goal of parenting. For us, homeschooling has been more about relationships than academics. We cherish the closeness that has developed as we do life together. Our kids have done well academically, but more importantly, they have learned to love God and to serve others. I look back rather wistfully at the days when three of our four children were at home. I loved the time I was able to spend with them. Our baby is a senior in high school now, and our home school journey will soon come to an end, but the lessons learned by all of us, go with us for the rest of our lives.

Vickie ends her book with this:
"Just as Christ both used and transcended earthly elements like loaves, fishes, water, and wine, so will He both use and transcend the simply little acts of faithful service that mark our daily lives. God can do extraordinary things through moms just like you. I am confident that as you yield to Him, even in your frustration, fatigue and weakness, He will use you to impact the world in mighty ways. God can grow strong trees of righteousness-a mighty spiritual heritage-from our small seeds of service. Until then, let's simply be faithful to plant, water, and weed, expectantly waiting for God to give the increase."

In a world that places little value on motherhood, I often need to be reminded that what I do is important. Unlike many careers I could have chosen, motherhood has eternal value as I shape our children's minds and values and leave a legacy that will continue long after I am gone.

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